Practical NVC – Module 1

High Quality Relationships

Everyone longs to have enriching relationships with the most important people in their lives: partner, family, children, co-workers, etc. But, many times, no matter how hard they try, there is something that prevents them from achieving what they desire. Does this happen to you?

Nonviolent Communication offers you practical tools with enormous transformational potential.

Learn to think differently and communicate more effectively so you can have high quality relationships with the important people in your life.

Practical NonViolent Communication – Module 1

4 weeks of learning, practice and community!

From March 13th to April 10 2024 (Wednesdays at 12 noon)

Very small group for a personalized and tailor-made contents

8 participants max

Nonviolent Communication is one of the most powerful personal development tools I know. The way we communicate is the most indicative expression of our personal development and evolution. And also the aspect of our life that shows us where we need to continue to grow.

The program

In this program I bring my more than 15 years of experience practicing CNV and my more than 10 years as a trainer. Also my more than 30 years of experience as a language teacher; after all, learning NVC is like learning a new language. My experience as a Gestalt therapist also adds value to my work teaching NVC.

Benefits you can obtain from this Program

N Improve your communication to have better quality relationships.

N Understand yourself and others better.

N Live less in judgment and criticism and clear your mind of «toxic» thoughts.

N Understand your moods better.

N Know how to take care of yourself without neglecting your relationships.

N Have more tools to handle all types of conflicts.

N Have more peace, clarity and effectiveness in your life.

Group session schedule

Starting Wednesday March 13 2024 from 12 noon to 2 pm.

Wednesdays from 12 noon to 2 pm

Mainland Spain Time (UTC + 1)
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Module 1 Program

Session 1

High Quality Relationships

If we want a plant to flourish, it is not only necessary to free it from pests or infections. It is also necessary to provide it with fertile soil with the necessary nutrients for its development. In this way it will grow strong and healthy.

It is the same with human beings. We need to know what nourishes relationships in order for them to flourish. This is the basis for being able to have good communication and quality relationships.

In this session we will cover:

  • The purpose of Nonviolent Communication for our personal development, for social change and for a practical spirituality.
  • The nourishment of the soul.
  • The nourishment of relationships

Session 2

The NVC Model and Tools

Everything we do has an impact on our relationships. Everything others do has an impact on us. What can we do to enhance the positive in our relationships? What can we do to transform the difficult such as conflicts and differences?

The NVC model and principles can help us to enjoy our lives and relationships more, and to manage difficulties and challenges they pose to us.

This day we will discuss:

  • The CNV model: parts and modes.
  • How to start changing the dynamics in our relationships.
  • Is it possible to live without enemies?

Session 3

From Chaos to Order

To have harmony, creativity and clarity it is necessary to have order. To have order it is necessary to develop our capacity for presence and our ability to bring our attention to different aspects of our experience, all of which is the basis for transforming our communication and relationships.

All of the above is the basis for transforming our communication and our relationships. How can the practice of NVC help you to have this order and clarity? This day we will look at it.

In this session we will discuss:


  • How to develop our empathic presence
  • The power of the stories we tell ourselves and the meaning we attach to what is happening
  • The cause of internal clutter and how that clutter affects our communication

Sesión 4

Honest Expression, Learning and Growth

If you don’t express yourself, you pay a price. If you express yourself but create distance, you also pay a price. Practicing NVC can help you express yourself clearly, honestly and respectfully especially in difficult moments. This day we will practice expression.

Also this day we will talk about learning and growth, two fundamental human needs, and explore how you can continue to contribute to your development and improvement of your communication.

This day we will discuss:


  • CNV and expression
  • The impact of expressing or not expressing
  • Your personal development and growth

On finishing the program you will:

You will know what you can do to nurture your relationships.

You will be better able to have more empathy without losing yourself in the relationship.

You will be more aware of what aspects of your experience you need to focus on to improve your communication.

You will have greater emotional intelligence.

You will be more aware of your needs and the needs of others.

You will understand why some conflicts are so difficult to solve and you will have more tools to solve them.

You will know how to listen better and express yourself better.

You will have more tools to have clarity and calm when you feel overwhelmed or desperate.

What’s included in the program?

8 hours of live sessions (4 two-hour sessions)

Recordings of the sessions and study material

Virtual space for sharing, questions and bonding

What people are saying about my courses (in Spansih)

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Celeste from Baleares

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Marga from Madrid

Who is this program for?

For anyone who wants to learn about NVC, transform the quality of their relationships, and experience greater well-being, meaning and effectiveness in their lives.

For people who already know the CNV and wish to continue learning to integrate it in a clearer, more practical and structured way.

For therapists, psychologists, coaches and any helping professional who wants to offer their clients and patients a powerful and effective transformation tool.

For NVC trainers who want to learn and apply the principles of the integrative approach and take away a number of activities that they can include in their training.

Investment: €120

Starting Wednesday March 13 2024 from 12 noon to 2 pm.

Group session schedule

Wednesdays from 12 noon to 2 pm

Mainland Spain Time (UTC + 1)
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To enroll please fill in THIS FORM.

If you have any questions please send me an mail or a WhatsApp.

About me

CNVC Certified Trainer and Assessor

My name is Gerardo Sánchez Lozano. I am a certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication and a Gestalt therapist; I also have training in transgenerational systemic therapy and I am the author of the book Introducción a la Comunicación NoViolenta.

My mission is to help people to have quality relationships through personal development and through learning resources to know themselves better based on Gestalt therapy, Nonviolent Communication and the systemic view.

When people become aware of what is blocking their authenticity they are able to live a fuller life, bring quality to all their relationships and have more clarity and energy to carry out their projects to achieve their dreams.

Are you going through a difficult time in your life? Do you want a warm and empathic accompaniment, and find clarity and strategies to help you have more peace and effectiveness in your life?

Book a free appointment to talk with me.

What is NonViolent Communication?

Nonviolent Communication is one of the most powerful personal development tools I know. The way we communicate is the most indicative expression of our personal development and evolution. And also the aspect of our life that shows us where we need to continue to grow.

When living in — and relating from — the consciousness of Nonviolent Communication, we embody the following attitudes:

Self-Connection: We relate to ourselves and the world from a still place within — a place of compassion, truth, clarity, and peace. To maintain self-connection, NVC proposes a daily process known as “Remembering.” Examples of Remembering practices include meditation, prayer, inspirational readings, poetry, inspirational music, and quiet time in nature.

Honest Expression: We express ourselves vulnerably and without criticism or blame. We reveal our feelings and needs and ask for what we want, without making demands.

Empathic Presence: We listen to others with a silent mind and an open heart. Our sole purpose in such listening is to connect with the speaker by understanding their meaning, feelings, and needs without judgment. We attempt to remain empathically present even when we are being targeted with criticism, blame, and other such forms of communication.

Self-Empathy: When we fail at empathic presence, becoming angry or otherwise unable to listen with an open heart, we give ourselves empathy. We take time out to vent our judgments in the privacy of our minds. We identify and connect with the unmet needs in a given interaction, and we mourn the pain of our unmet needs. This process enables reconnection with our essence — love and compassion. Once we experience an organic shift toward a calmer and clearer mind, we ask ourselves what we can do to fulfill the unmet needs in the situation.

We also use self-empathy to mourn and heal from disappointment or loss, to celebrate needs that have been met, or simply to understand ourselves more clearly and discern the next steps toward meeting our needs.

Means of Influence: We attempt to influence others by revealing our feelings and needs vulnerably and making requests, rather than through coercion. We want others to contribute to us out of natural giving, and never out of fear, guilt, shame, duty, desire for reward, or to buy love. Because we care about the needs of others as we do our own, we are committed to seeking solutions that can meet the needs of all involved.

If you want to get in touch with me please send me an email to or a WhatsApp clicking HERE